On Changes

This month is the 10 year anniversary of Minimal Student, the original blog I first started to document my minimalist journey. A lot of changes have happened in my life over that time, but the one constant is that I’ve always tried to follow a life of minimalism.

I spent the better part of the last decade moving around and travelling. I never stayed in the same place for longer than a year or so at most, so I didn’t really have a choice but to travel light. It’s only in the last two or three years that I’ve finally started to put down some roots. I bought some furniture, a few nicer clothes, and for better or for worse, a lot more books.

So now I own a few more things than I did a few years ago. So what? Back then, it suited me to live out of a suitcase, now things are different. There are no set rules that qualify you to be a minimalist, its definition will naturally change as you, or your circumstances, change over time.

No matter how little or how much stuff I own, my intention to live minimally meant that I had the freedom to take the risk of quitting my soul sucking job to start my own business. I’ve been very fortunate that it has turned out well, and because of that, now I have the power to choose how I want to spend my life.

That power is available to anyone who takes responsibility for their lives. Although you can’t control everything that happens, at least you can say that you weren’t completely at the mercy of whichever way the wind was blowing. At least you can say you helped steer the way.

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