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I just wrote a post on my blog Minimal Student (which is nearly ten years old now) about my thoughts on writing. You can find the entire post here: Why I Write – Minimal Student

For me, minimalism and writing have always gone hand in hand. They are both journeys that I started at the same young and innocent time in my life and have gone on to develop and improve. As I have grown, so has my view of minimalism and my skill in writing. But of course, I still have a long way to go.

Writing has helped me explore my minimalist philosophy. By articulating each thought, I figure out how I feel about things, and how I want to live my life. It has trained me to be better at being focused at the task at hand. It has kept me humble, yet hungry to be better.

Just as there is no such thing as a perfect writer, there is no such thing as a perfect minimalist. Everyone starts at a different place, and makes their own way to different destinations. There shouldn’t be any judgement of who is doing better than whom. We are all just human beings trying to be a little better than we were yesterday. That’s the meaning of minimalism, and the purpose of writing.

Book I’m currently reading:  Bird by Bird: Instructions on Writing and Life by Anne Lamott

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